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Pressure gauges

Model: A-PLUS
The ACheck analog blood pressure monitor is the simplest and most economical solution to measuring your blood pressure.Easy to useReliableHigh quality earphonesBuilt-in stethoscopeHighly accurate sphygmomanometerSpecial storage and carrying caseMeasuring range 0 - 300 mm HgMaximum deviation / - 3 mm..
Model: 0806056
PRODUCT INFORMATION Analog Pressure Gauge with Headphones..
Model: BC 28
BC 28 Wrist Pressure GaugeFully automated wrist sphygmomanometer and pulse counterCorrectly positioned LCD displayAverage of all stored measurement values for the last 7 daysMemory positions: 2 x 60Sorting of measurements with colour scaleArrhythmia detection: warning in case of possible heart rhyth..
Model: 51072
The Medisana BW 315 wrist blood pressure monitor will surprise you with its easy operation.The results are evaluated with a bright information based on the WHO.Thanks to the classification in green, yellow or red, it is possible to see immediately whether the measurements are within or outside the n..
Model: BM 27
BM 27 - Arm Pressure GaugeArmband from 22 to 42 cm in circumference.Check cuff position to ensure that the cuff is correctly positioned on the upper armFully automated measurement of blood pressure and pulse in the armLarge and easy to read displayDanger indicator: Colour scale for classification of..
Model: 13-2-014
Features: -Date and amp; time-Cuff circumference upper arm : 22-45 cm.- Indication of correct positioning- Indication of irregular heartbeat- Indication of incorrect operation- LCD display- Automatic storage of 90 measurements-4 AA batteries and amp; Power charger (included)...
Model: BM 49
Arm Pressure Gauge with Speech in Greek Beurer BM 49 Fully automated arm blood pressure monitor and pulse counterWith voice function in GREEKVolume control with possibility of complete deactivation of voice functionLarge and large andeasy to read illuminated display The average value of all measure..
Model: 51179
Accurate measurement of blood pressure from the arm.Voice function: GR, GB, FR, FR, AR, RU, ES Arrhythmia indication 120 storage positions for 2 users Large easy-to-read display Indications: systolic, diastolic, pulse, date, time Calculation of the M.O. of the last 3 measurements Diagnostic fun..
Model: ECO-L1
The fully automatic ONELIFE Eco L1 provides an accurate and comfortable measurement of your blood pressure. The one-button operation allows for simple and easy measurement. With the blood pressure rate indicator, you can easily read the result of your blood pressure. The Eco L1 records up to 30 meas..
Model: RS2
Pressure gauge Carpus OMRON RS2OMRON RS2 Wrist Ultrasonic Wrist Pressure GaugeEasy to use, for fast and reliable measurement.Clinically certified by the European Society of HypertensionEasy to use with one buttonIrregular heartbeat (arrhythmia) indication technologyGuide to correct positioning of th..
Model: 0806266
CAMI My Pressure 2 Digital Arm Pressure GaugeWarranty 2 yearsArrhythmia measurement Large easy to read 71X90mm displayAbility to record 2 users from 90 measurements eachDisplay of the average of the last 3 measurementsTime and date settingAutomatic switch-off of the device to save energyOperates wit..
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