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PERIWINKLE RUBBER PLAIN "PREMIUM"Code :PREMIUM ELASTIC ELBOW Size :S/M L/XL Comp. Elbow circumference in cm :18/25 25/32 Colour :White Made of high quality double wound elastic fabric.- Special two-layer anti-allergic, ventilated, antiperspirant, non-toxic knitting. - Causes gradual compression on s..
Model: FT/900
Made of rubber and polyester, of high quality and durability.Can be washed. SizeSMLXLApprox. Elbow in cm. 18/22 22/27 27/31 31/36..
Made of high quality double wound elastic fabric.Special two-layer anti-allergic, ventilated, antiperspirant knitting.Causes gradual compression on soft molecules and tissues.Easy and comfortable application even for long time use.Ideal for use at work.Washable. SizeS/ML/XL Approx. Elbow 18..
Model: AC-1080
Elastic elbow AC - 1080Elastic elbow, made of knitted fabric of high elasticity, hypoallergenic, ventilated. It warms, relieves pain and provides even distribution of compression. Comfortable to wear, ideal for use during sports and work, giving stability to the elbow joint.Indications:Simple elbow ..
Model: FT/688
Made of rubber and polyester.It has aero sections.Applies with adhesive.Can be washed.Size Common..
Model: 03-2-058
Neoprene epicondylite boot, with internal hypoallergenic lining. The silicone pressure pad achieves extra protection and proper compression. The self-adhesive binder uniformly stabilizes the periwinkle. Adjustable velcro closure for easy adjustment and stabilization. Ambidextrous. ..
Model: MB.2320
Advantages and amp; FeaturesHigh quality and durable elastic periwinkleDoes not impede joint mobility thanks to its special design at the point of articulationIdeal for use during work and sportsCan be washed Colour: Grey IndicationsGrey:Ligament, tendon injuries Treatment of: - In the following tab..
Model: AC-1083
Perignon Elastic with Silicone One Size AC - 1083Periwinkle one size made of high quality elastic fabric, hypoallergenic, antiperspirant. Relieves and supports the area under the elbow. Self-adhesive velcro closure.Indicated for the prevention and treatment of epicondylitis and paracondylitis of the..
Model: 03-2-009
Flexible, made of double-wound, seamless, lined elastic fabric. Antiperspirant. Relieves pain due to inflammation and swelling. Provides muscular stability. Ideal for daily activities. Ambidextrous. Sizesmallmediumlargex-largexx-largeElbow circu..
Model: FT/EX 900
High quality and durable NEOPRENE construction.Nylon lining.Washable. SizeSMLXLApprox. Elbow in cm. 20/23 23/27 27/30 30/34..
Model: 03-2-110
3mm neoprene boot, of excellent quality and durability. Internal isothermal and antiperspirant lining. Self-adhesive pressure binder in the tuber area. Amphidexia. Sizesmallmediumlargex-largexx-largeElbow circumference (cm)21-2424-2727-3030-3334..
Model: OIK/8232 PREMIUM
High quality double-coated NEOPRENE construction.Lining made of soft material, anti-allergic, ventilated, antiperspirant.It has a special reinforced seam on the periphery of the elbow.Ideal for use during sports.It can be washed. SizeS/ML/XLApprox. Elbow 18/25 26/32..
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