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Deluge aids

Model: 0806279
Inflatable bunny with hand tromba Outer diameter 42cmInner diameter 11cmMaterial pvc velvety texture Air pump availableMaximumuser weight 100KgIt is recommended to adjust the pressure of the cushion regularly. Warranty 1 Year..
Model: 0803308
Inflatable PVC dive bellowsConstruction Material:PVCExternal Diameter: 46cmInner Diameter: 12cmMaximum User Weight: 100KgThe package includes the pump..
Model: AC-749
Clutch Cloth AC-749Suggested for the prevention of bedsores, as well as for the relief of pain in the coccyx area.Durable construction.Fabric lining.With air chamber and amp; valve.Suitable for use on the seat or bed. Pillow diameter:Inner: 13cm.Outer: 39cm.Certification:CESize:Alfacare..
Model: 0807491
Elbow or Heel Protector against Falls- Polyester fibres- Suitable for reducing pressure and friction- Dimensions (MxWxD): 20 x 14cm..
Model: 10-2-011
Made of high quality "PU Foam". Due to the anatomical design, the cushion relieves pain caused by haemorrhoids, after childbirth or after surgery. It can be used on any seat. Colour Blue.Dimensions: 41 (M) x 32 (W) x 8cm (H) Hole dimensions: 17 x 8cm..
Model: AC-746
Elbow protectors AC-746 by Behrend Homecare Germany.The elbow area is one of those points that are susceptible to the occurrence of falls as it is under constant pressure.The Behrend Homecareelbow protectors :They reduce the pressure exerted on the elbow areaThey are lined with soft material on the ..
Model: AC-747
Heel protectors AC-747 by Behrend Homecare Germany.The heel area is one of those points that are susceptible to the occurrence of falls as it is under constant pressure.The Behrend Homecareprotectors :They reduce the pressure exerted on the heel areaThey are lined with soft material on the insideThe..
Model: 0806067
- Memory Foam-Zippered velvet or fabric case- Dimensions (WxDxWxH): 25x20x15cm or 25x20x7,5cm..
Model: 10-2-030
Sub-wings to prevent skin ulcers due to prostration.They reduce the pressure on the heels.They have a self-adhesive fastening for easy and stable application to the foot.Hypoallergenic lining.The same product is also used as an elbow protection aid.Colour: blue...
Model: 08-2-024
The "Visco Elastic" seat cushion reduces the pressure on the hip and coccyx area, as well as irritation due to haemorrhoids. It improves the posture of the spine. It helps to heal skin ulcers. The ergonomic designand the central hole of the cushion provide comfort and make it easier to stay in the s..
Model: 10-2-028
The anatomical design helps to avoid the formation of skin ulcers due to post-partum and post-surgical pressure sores. It distributes body weight and reduces stress on the coccyx. Made of fibre with a soft lining. Blue colour.Dimensions: 43 (M) x 41 (W) x 10cm (H), Hole: 18cm..
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