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Insoles- Foot Protectors- footcare silicones

Model: 07-2-066
Protective adhesive patch made of polymer gel.Specially designed to protect the Achilles tendon walls from irritation and abrasion due to friction. Packaging: 5 pieces...
Model: HF-6078
Chlorophyll treadle aromatic Freshitas HF 6078Offers a feeling of freshness and comfort to the feet.Tread made of ventilated Latex foam, chlorophyll and amp; aromatic elements.Absorbs shocks and ensures good ventilation on the outside of the shoe, combating odour.Available in one size, with the poss..
Model: HF 6056
Protector for the little finger-spacer Gel Dupligel HF 6056Protector for the little finger - separator Gel Dupligel HF 6056Product designed for dual function!Protector and separator Gel Dupligel made of high quality, hypoallergenic gel.Protects against bunions by minimizing friction, helps align the..
Model: MB.FC.117
Advantages and amp; Features Achilles protection gel patchMade of high-strength, self-adhesive material for a discreet applicationAnatomical design for comfort in applicationCan be reused Size: one sizeColor: ClearAvailable in: Pair Indications Conservative treatment in:Wound protectionAvoiding ha..
Model: 07-2-008
High quality polymer gel construction, for the separation of the big and second finger. Reduces friction and irritation.Packaging: two pieces..
Model: 07-2-028 / 07-2-031 (F049-OVAL)
They protect the calluses, reduce pain, are hypoallergenic. They soften and treat skin hardening.Packaging: 6 pieces SizesmalllargeProduct code07-2-02807-2-031..
Model: 07-2-003
Polymer gel ring for the protection and healing of injured fingers. Ideal for preventing calluses.Packaging. SizesmalllargeCircumference (cm)1,52,0..
Model: 07-2-064
Suitable for everyday use. The two-layer design achieves maximum comfort when walking. They absorb shocks. They are perforated to reduce perspiration and improve ventilation of the feet. They are cut to the desired length.Pair...
Model: 07-2-060
Self-adhesive sheets with cotton and laundry lining. The user can cut them in various lengths and designs according to his needs. They relieve the pain caused by friction, reduce pressure and prevent the formation of calluses. Packaging: 4 pieces..
Model: 07-2-063
Transparent gel patch. Protects the Achilles area from abrasions and reduces the pressure exerted by the shoes. The transparent texture of the product allows it to be used on open shoes. Size: One size Packaging: 2 pieces..
Model: MB.FC.106
Advantages and amp; FeaturesMade of high quality siliconeFits on the big toesDoes not contain Latex, can be washed and reusedSuitable for men and womenCan be cut with scissors to fit the toes Color: WhiteAvailable in. Indications Color: White: White: White:Avoiding friction between the fingersProtec..
Model: HF-6068
Heel protector with Gel HF 6068Long lasting adhesive.Indications:Prevents stress and amp; frictionReduces callus formation and hardening.Reduces the heel's intense contact with footwearReduces stress on the Achilles tendonAvailable per pair. SizeOne Size..
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