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Product Repair Policy

  • The customer should return the product to the store at his own expense (if located in the province or on an island) or else bring it himself (if located in Attica) to the store so that after supervision of the technical department of our supplier company to determine whether or not the product needs repair or replacement if it is within the warranty from the date of purchase.

  • The repair or respectively if required, the replacement is done at the technical points of the product and not if the product has been damaged by mishandling .

  • The company maintains a priority order regarding the repair or replacement of products, based on the order in which they came to our store . As you know due to the nature of our store all products need immediate delivery back to the recipient because they are products of immediate need . We always strive for the best possible way to serve you !

  • Finally regarding heavy duty products (e.g. beds), the repair or replacement is judged by the technician of the supplier company after supervision of the product at your place . This fact entails a charge of the technical department of the supplier company for which we inform you after contacting us with the company .

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