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Tens devices-Electrotherapy-Magnetotherapy

Model: 120334
Pen Electro-jet and massage pen with head consisting of 2 non-removable balls.Connection with 2mm plug which can be changed according to your needs..
PainGone Plus is the ideal, wireless electrostimulation device for anyone who wants fast and hassle-free pain relief. PainGone Plus is a pen-shaped medical device that delivers low-frequency electrical neurostimulation,triggering our body to produce its own analgesic substances such as endorphins th..
Model: 120335
Reusable gloves suitable for electrostimulation and massage.They can be used in two ways.To be worn by the physiotherapist for electro-stimulation massage (accompanied by a pair of plastic gloves to insulate the physiotherapist's hands) andbe worn directly on the hands of the patient without the pro..
Model: 122711
Electro-stimulation device The device helps to relieve pain, as well as muscle strengtheningFeatures:Reliable and easy to useEasy to use and reliable, reliable and easy to use2 independent channelsEasy to use and reliablePower and speed adjustmentMultiple timer settingsEasy to read illuminated LED d..
Model: EM 29
EM 29 - TENS wrap for knee and elbowFor pain relief in the knee and elbow 2free contact electrodes without the use of waterNo contact gel, not replaceable with water contact electrodesGeneral wrap for knees and elbows (adjustable clasp with hook and loop)Flexible ergonomic shapeCircumference approx...
Model: EM 37
EM 37 - Abdominal muscle strengthening beltStimulation of the front and side abdominal muscles 4electrodesEasy to useFlexibly adjustable abdominal belt with hook and loopFlexible belt for the stomach with waist sizes from 70 to 140 cm.Flexible ergonomic shapeWith non-wearable contact electrodes made..
Model: EM 22
EM 22 - Digital TENS / EMSAdjustable intensity:The intensity can be flexibly adjusted according to the user's needsEMS technology: electrical muscle stimulation for muscle regeneration and regenerationSafe application:Built-in switch-off safetyElectrostimulation of abdominal muscles, arm and leg 3el..
Model: EM 49
EM 49 - Digital TENS/EMSFunctions: ◦Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) - pain relief without side effects and drugs ◦Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) - for muscle growth and regeneration ◦Massage - for relaxation and well-being 2separate adjustable channels with 4 self-adhesive e..
Model: EM 39
EM 39 - Abdominal and dorsal muscle strengthening beltStimulation of the front abdominal and lower dorsal muscles 4electrodes (2 x abdominal and 2 x dorsal)Easy to useFlexibly adjustableFlexible belt for the stomach with waist sizes from 75 to 130 cm.Flexible ergonomic shapeWith non-wearable contact..
Model: EM 50
EM 50 - Menstrual relaxationElectric transdermal nerve stimulation (TENS) for drug-free pain reliefAdjustable intensity, continuous adjustmentHeat mode, combination of heat and TENSCan relieve the pain of menstruation or endometriosisCombination of heat and TENSReusable 2replaceable gel pads 1heat p..
Model: EM 59
EM 59 - Digital TENS / EMS device with heat functionElectrical transcutaneous nerve stimulation (TENS) for drug-free pain reliefElectrical muscle stimulation for muscle regeneration and regeneration 6learning programsTreatmentof pain (TENS)Muscle stimulation (EMS)Heat functionRelaxation and massageE..
Model: EM 80
4 individually adjustable channels with 8 self-adhesive electrodes 30 factory-programmed applications (TENS/EMS/Massage) 20 personalised programmes (TENS/EMS) "Special Mode": which ensures ideal coordination for your personal workout programme Timer function (adjustable between 5-100 minutes) Safe s..
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