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Model: AC-716
Inflatable neck pillow AC - 716Made of PVCLined with a user-friendly velvet coverHelps to maintain the correct neck positionRelieves the pain of neck syndromeEasily inflated by mouth or using a pump and closes with a capEasy to transport and use when travellingUsed when resting in a seated position,..
Model: 08-2-099
PVC construction with "veloute" hypoallergenic lining. The anatomical design helps to maintain the correct position of the neck without restricting movement. Supports the head in a vertical position. Reduces pain due to cervical syndrome. Inflates easily by mouth. ∆It has a safety valve. Ideal aid f..
Model: MB.512
Advantages and amp; Features Made of PVC with "veloute" lining.Air chambers with safety valve.Maximum user weight: 100 kgCan be inflated with a manual pump from a valve.It can be placed in the centre of any seat. Size.Colour: Blue Dimensions: External diameter: 41 cm.Inner diameter: 11 cm...
Model: AC-749
Clutch Cloth AC-749Suggested for the prevention of bedsores, as well as for the relief of pain in the coccyx area.Durable construction.Fabric lining.With air chamber and amp; valve.Suitable for use on the seat or bed. Pillow diameter:Inner: 13cm.Outer: 39cm.Certification:CESize:Alfacare..
Model: 08-2-018
Made of high density polyurethane foam, pu foam. The cushion can be positioned at selected points on the seat, thanks to the elastic strap. It is lightweight and easy to apply. Itsupports the middle in the correct position. It aligns the spine. Use at home, in the car and in the office. The lining i..
Model: 0810702
Anatomical Pillow - Middle Back SupportRoll. It is an ideal aid in the prevention of sedentary disease, which manifests itself over time in those people who have a sedentary lifestyle. who are obliged to prolonged, long hours of sedentary work, e.g. office workers, cashiers, etc.Sedentary disease ha..
Model: 08-2-003
Unique neck support for use in the car and on the road. Specially designed for proper head support throughout the entire ride. Fits to the car seat with an elastic strap. Made of 100% moulded 'MemoryFoam'. Colour: Black. ∆Dimensions: 30 (M) x 35 (W) x 10cm (H)..
Model: AC-717
Neck pillow - Sleep Behrend Homecare Germany. Converts easily and quickly into a sleeping pillow!Helps to maintain the correct position of the neckRelieves the pain of cervical syndromeUsed when resting in a sitting positionCan also be used in the carUseful when travellingCertification:CECE:Behrend..
Model: 08-2-021
Multifunctional multifunctional aid. Made of "Foam" material with hypoallergenic veloute lining with zipper. It has a built-in internal laminate which makes the cushion multifunctional, depending on its use. Suitable for the neck, knees, hips and babies.Colour green∆Dimensions: Length 60cm - Diamete..
Model: AC-714B
Mini Pillow With Tilt Mini AC-714BCushion made of durable, hypoallergenic foam, covered with a fabric cover.Offers excellent back support when standing, relieving back, neck and shoulder pain. It also helps to improve respiratory function. Suitable for stabilizing patients in bed.The pillow can be u..
Model: 08-2-004
The cushion has a circular design and helps to maintain the correct position of the neck. It absorbs shocks during travel. Excellent aid for reading, at home and in the car.Constructed from 100% moulded memory foam with veloute' lining. Reduces pain due to cervical syndrome. Colour: Blue.∆Dimensions..
Model: 0806159
Ergonomic Anatomic Visco Elastic Back Support Cushion for Driving-Working. An excellent anatomical, orthopaedic aid for drivers and those who are engaged in long hours of sedentary work! Features: enhances back support and relieves back pain due to poor posturehelps to relax the back muscles from l..
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