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Inhalation-exhalation practitioners

Model: 0809458
Device for exercising and stimulating breathing through exhalation. Can be used as a stand-alone device or connected to any other CA-MI practitioner, such as Pulmogain or Pulmovol, to exercise breathing through inhalation and exhalation without having to remove the mouthpiece from the lips...
Model: 0809461
PulmogainInhaling deeply, the patient shouldattempt to lift two or three bullets, holding the inhalation as long as possible and detaching the mouthpiece from the lips to exhale, always following the instructions of the attending physician. The device can be disassembled completely for cleaning and ..
Model: 15-243-001
The PulmoTrainer is a breathing exercise device which is designed to assist and improve the deep breathing (inhalation). Deep breathing helps to expand the alveoli of the lungs, as well as to cleanse the lungs. the airways from mucus. It is recommended for maintaining or improving respiratory functi..
Model: 0806263
The device has a net range of 300 to 5000 cc and is therefore suitable for adult patients or patients who can achieve results up to 5000 cc.Equipped with optical indicators that used by the physiotherapist to set the target to be achieved and by the patient to note the result achieved. The device ca..
Model: 0806264
Children's PulmoVol 25 CA-MI Inhalation Lung ExerciserWith a graduated scale from 200 to 2500 cc, requires less inhalation effort than the sideways of thepatient and is therefore suitable for paediatric use, for the elderly or for all those patients with reduced inspiratory capacity. Equipped with v..
AIROFIT MOUTHPIECE SPARE PARTSCompatible with every AIROFITChoose the type that best suits your preferences! Some people prefer the Simple version, while others choose the Advanced version, which helps to keep the Airofit tighter.Each pack includes 2 mouthpieces offering you complete flexibility.F..
AIROFIT PROFESSIONAL Έξυπνο, με έμφαση στα δεδομένα!Τι είναι το AIROFIT PROΤο AIROFIT PRO είναι η πρώτη πραγματικά έξυπνη συσκευή εξάσκησης-βελτίωσης αναπνοής στον κόσμο.Το AIROFIT PRO μετρά την τρέχουσα πνευμονική σας λειτουργία και εξατομικεύει την προπόνηση σας. Η καθοδήγηση σ..
299.00€ 350.00€
AIROFIT PROFESSIONAL Smart, with an emphasis on data!What is AIROFIT PROAIROFIT PRO is the world's first truly intelligent breathing improvement training device.AIROFIT PRO measures your current lung function and personalizes your workout. Real-time guidance ensures you are practicing correctly a..
299.00€ 349.00€
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