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Model: 0811121
Shield for Scooter with Transparent Hood.Suitable for scooters: Trendy (0811101) Actari 2 (0811102) Vitorius (0811144)..
Model: PE0601C
The Promoting Medical PE0601C electric scooter is an easy to use, practical and versatile means of everyday mobility. It has a full range of functions, a sophisticated design and dimensions thought out for functionality.It is made in its plastic parts from thermoplastic ABS polymer which is distingu..
Model: PE0602
Technical characteristics: Overall dimension: 1130(W)*540(D)*880(H)mmN.W. / G.W.: 56KG / 68KGTurning radius: 1250 mmMaximum speed: 8 km/hGrade of ascent: 15°Maximum range: 35 km.Maximum load: 190 kgMotor: 24V 250WBattery: 24V 12AH lead-acid batteryGround clearance: 92 mmCharger: 2.0A 24VWheel size:..
Model: PE0603
Technical characteristics: Overall dimension:1100(L)*510(Π)*900(Υ)mmN.W./ G.W.:55KG /68KGTurning radius: 1200mmMaximum speed: 8 km/hGrade of ascent: 12 degreesMaximum range: 28 km. Maximum load: 150 kgMotor:24V250WBattery capacity:24V12AH Ground clearance: 110 mmCharger: 2.0A24VWheel size: Front an..
Electric Folding Scooter Cooper.The smallest on the market!!The Cooper offers autonomy and amp; safety to people with mobility problems.Excellent build qualityEasy transport and storageControl panel with indicators: light, alarm, horn, battery level and mechanical failureDurable compact wheelsDrivin..
Model: MINI E
Enjoy freedom of movement with Kymco's new MINI E FOR U scooter! Made with innovative modern techniques from selected, durable materials, the Kymcoscooter comes with a new, ergonomic design, in a compact construction with excellent technical performance characteristics and safety for your dai..
Model: PE0604
Technical characteristics: Dimensions : 1100(L)*520(W)*970(H)mm,W.D./G.W.: 42KG/45KG,turning radius: 1200mm,Maximum speed: 8km/h,Grade of ascent: 12 degrees,Maximum range:20-25km,Maximum load: 150kg,Motor: 24V 220W,Battery: 24V 12AH lead-acid battery,Ground clearance: 90mm,Charger: 2.0A 24V,Front w..
Model: 0811101
Scooter TRENDY Features *approachable autonomy as it is determined by the weight of the passenger, the state of the battery, the ambient temperature, the driving mode, the terrain and the wind speed- Anti-rollover wheels-Adjustable backrest-Adjustable seat heightRed and blue panels for colour change..
Model: FLIP
Scooter FLIPLight, agile, practical. Easy to disassemble for better transport and storage. The most economical and reliable scooter option. Standard equipment- Construction material: Steel- Seat width adjustable 37-54 cm / Depth 38 cm- Seat angle 1°- Seat height 40 - 47,5 cm- Backrest height 35 cm /..
Model: 09-2-192
Mobility Scooter VTR300S The Mobility Scooter VTR300S is a small and convenient electric scooter. It provides all the basic amenities you will need for your short daily rides.Features: Maximum speed: 6 - 10km Autonomy: 30km Climbing angle: 10º Maximumweight: 135kg Turning angle: 1.2m Motor: 400..
CENTURO MINI - The versatile urban tourer from Bischoff Bischoff. The CENTURO MINI scooter lives up to its name: with an overall length of 1050 mm, its turning width is only 1500 mm. With a speed of 6 km/h, this scooter is designed for indoor and outdoor use on pavements without large obstacles or s..
Model: PE0605A
Technical characteristics : Overall dimension:1300(Μ)*500(Π)*1050(Υ)mmN.W. / G.W.: 65KG / 75KGTurning radius: 1200mmMaximum speed: 10 km/hGrade of ascent: 12 degreesMaximum range: 20-25 km Maximum load: 150 kgMotor: 24V 300WBattery capacity: 24V 12AHGround clearance: 95 mmCharger: 2.0A 24VWheel size..
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