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Model: GI/5004
Made of high quality and durable polyurethane, anti-allergic, ventilated, antiperspirant, non-toxic.It has an internal "cushion" made of cotton and polyamide.Application with single plastic mechanism, closure with adhesive tape.Can be washed.Size: Common..
Model: OIK/Elastic-Knee-Cap
Special anti-allergic, ventilated, antiperspirant knit.It causes gradual compression in soft molecules and tissues, increasing blood flow.Use at work.Easy to apply for long time use.Can be washed.Available in a pair.Length: 27cm 27MM: 27MM: 27MM: 27MM: 27MM: 27MM: 27MM: 27MM: 27MM: 27MM.SizeThigh ci..
Model: 80300
Size :CommonColor :Beige - Made of high quality and durable treated soft leather with cotton fabric overlay.- Anti-allergic, antiperspirant, ventilated, non-toxic.- Application with metal mechanism and closure with adhesive sticker.- Washable...
Model: ARK2103
Advantages and amp; FeaturesNeoprene kneepad, antiperspirant due to its poresSpiral banding for stabilization and fitOpening at the thigh for easy fittingFemoral and tibial closure with straps and Velcro for stabilizationCircular ring to stabilize and limit knee mobilitySuitable for exercise and eve..
Made of transparent, malleable, soft plastic lightweight P.V.C. material of anatomical design.It has a special flexible diaphragm made of LATEX which, when applied, causes sealing by means of a rigid plastic ring made of rubber.Its materials are particularly durable, anti-allergic, of high quality a..
Model: Μήκος 81 εκατοστ
Made of transparent vinyl. Ready for immediate use. They inflate very simply and quickly.They allow blood circulation. Radiolucent. Washable.Can be reused. Use in camping, sports centres, clinics, schools, etc.Provide safety during patient transport. Prevent further injuries.Replace conventional dre..
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