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Model: 06-2-062
Subconcubital strap with internal silicone pad, anatomically designed. Self-adhesive velcro closure. Relieves and protects the patellar tendon. Ambidextrous. Indications Ideal for reintegrat..
Model: AC-1050
Elastic knee pad AC - 1050Elastic knee pad, made of high elasticity knitted fabric, hypoallergenic, ventilated. It relieves pain, minimizes friction during movement and provides even distribution of compression on soft molecules and tissues, increasing blood flow.Comfortable to wear, ideal for use d..
Model: FT/1004
Made of rubber and polyester, of high quality and durability.Can be washed locally. SizeSMLXLPer. Mid thigh in cm. 42/47 47/53 53/58 58/64..
Model: FT/1000
Made of rubber and polyester, of high quality and durability.Can be washed.Size S M L XLComp. Knee circumference in cm 30/36 36/42 42/48 48/54..
Model: 06-2-175
Kneecap made of padded elastic fabric. Antiperspirant.Four (4) spiral, flexible lateral knee joint stabilizing bands.Anterior hole in the kneecap area.Achieves gradual soft tissue and tissue compression.Washable.Amphidexia.Colour: Beige. Indications: - Conservative rehabilitation in osteoarthritis o..
Model: MB.4001
Subpatellar strap - strap stabilizing and supporting the patella to avoid patellofemoral pain . Advantages and amp; Features Made of Neoprene of special composition to avoid moisture, with an internal silicone pad. Available with Velcro closure for a perfect fit on any knee . Can be washed many tim..
Model: 06-2-144
Neoprene construction. Self-adhesive velcro closure. Internal pre-filled silicone patch. Ambidextrous. Indications Ideal for reintegration into sportConservative rehabilitation for patellar ..
Model: KA.121
Elastic knitted kneepad without seams, with anatomical shape,with a hole in the kneecap..
Model: KA.101
Elastic knitted kneepad without seams, with anatomical shape..
Model: FT/1105
Made of rubber and polyester, of high quality and durability.Can be washed. SizeSMLXLApprox. Mesot. Gastr. in cm.27/3232/3737/4242/47..
Model: 06-2-035
Lightweight and easy to use thigh support. Wearable. Tubular mesh, made of double-wrapped, lined elastic. Antiperspirant. Achieves gradual compression of soft tissues and tissues. Washable. Amphibious. Specifications ..
Model: MB/4001 PLUS
Advantages and amp; FeaturesSubcutaneous Strap made of Neoprene-like composition to prevent moisture with silicone paddingFeatures Velcro closureWashableIdeal for sports Size: CommonRight-Left: CommonColor: Black IndicationsBlack:OSGOOD- SCHLATTERSyndrome JUMBERS KNEETENDINGLESclerotic quadriceps te..
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