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Aeroplane pumps

Model: 0223021
Tilt airfoil pump for all airfoils. With flow regulator to control the fast-slow changeover of the air cells.Warranty for 2 years...
Model: AC1
TiltingAir Supply Pump with Pressure RegulatorThe electric pump acts as an air pressure regulator, depending on the patient's weight and needs.It is silent,low power consumption with excellent performance and easy to use . It has special handles for fixing it to the bed.It can be used on both cellul..
Model: 0808578
Replacement air flow adjustment pump in a ribbed, tubular air deck. CE certificationWarranty for 2 years...
Model: 10-2-016
System for the prevention and treatment of skin ulcers due to prostration, with alternating air flow. Small-sized pump, silent. The volume of air supplied is regulated by an electric flow control. Protected from dust by an internal air filter. Electrical fuse protects the motor from voltage drop and..
Model: 10-2-015
System for the prevention of skin ulcers due to prostration. Small, silent pump. The volume of air supplied is regulated by means of an electric flow regulator. Protected against dust by an internal air filter. The electric fuse protects the motor against voltage drop and short-circuit. It shall be ..
Model: 10-2-020
The pump is silent, with adjustable air volume, has a bright indicator of normal operation and a light for normal operation. and a fault or air lossindicator .It comes with a hook for support on the bed, as well as four rubber mounts for floor mounting. It has an internal air filter and an electrica..
Model: 10-2-024
The "DIGIT VIRGO II" pump is fully automated. Itis controlled electronically by a program for adjusting the airexchange in the air chambers of the air deck and by a measuring sensor . of the patient's weight. It carries cycle time and pressure range indication.It has an "alarm" with audible warning..
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