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You can return any product for FREE and we will refund your money within 14 working days, in case the return is due to an error by our company (the return can be made by issuing a credit note or a refund).

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  • The customer may withdraw from the sale within 14 days from the dispatch of the product and return it to the company at his own expense.The company is entitled to accept the return of the product ONLY if the packaging has not been tampered with and is accompanied by the proof of payment. The money of the return is sent within 10 working days from the receipt of the product.In the case that the payment of the order has been made by means of Replacement, the additional amount charged for the order with the above payment method is not refunded.

    The refund can be made by issuing a credit or refund.

Products that come in contact with the body (e.g. tights, socks, stockings, latex, air mattresses, lifts, etc.) are not exchanged for hygiene reasons.

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